Saturday, July 3, 2010


We arrived at Beijing where we caught a taxi to the motel where we got denied again for being foreigners. Our aunty also didn't pre book so at first we hassled for a room but then the foreign rule came into play. We had to catch another taxi after walking for so long with our suitcase to another motel, and now because we didn't prebook - Jana and I are in our own room watching the soccer.

Damn my computer not being able to take ethernet. Always the ethernet cable, I am so angry. Isolated from the world…

My mum and aunty didn't know where the hell we were so I studied the map for 30 minutes figuring out where Tiananmen, Gugong, Beijing Zoo and Yiheyuan is. And how to walk to the station and catch the train from where we are. I am so proud, SO PROUD! I CAN READ ENOUGH CHINESEEEE!

I'm starting to miss home a little bit, and without the internet its even worse. I think I've watched every match of the soccer at least 3 times because there's nothing else interesting on and they always replay the soccer on a particular channel. 

We went to the markets and afterwards the oldies decided it was time for naps so Jana and I went to the Beijing Zoo. On the walk there we saw a man with no arms making money by doing calligraphy with his feet or mouth, we gave him money - but it was good to see he doesn't give up. A mother was so rude, her husband and baby were watching him and she was yelling at them to get back and leave with a disgusted face like the guy was diseased or something. But his arms were blown off in the war. 
My sister at the entrance..

At the zoo our main goal was the pandas, when we first went to see them they were asleep and far away. I looked at souvenirs and saw a crowd of people so decided to check it out and AW 4 all together eating!!! MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL!! They were so so so adorable, I just wanted to crack the glass and cuddle them!
What's going on here Pandies?

My makeshift block the sun job
Oh, just someone resting on the zoo bench HAHA

Definitely twins

At night we went to Tiananmen.