Monday, July 19, 2010

4.5 Hours of Pain

Yesterday, like my other days since returning back to Melbourne, has been very quiet.
I woke up at midday to then go to do some banking, bought some groceries for dinner then went to the dingy Asian area to get quail eggs.

I had been dreaming of this beef soup forever, for some reason I wanted to combine Asian and Caucasian flavours together to make my ultimato beef soup. Just letting you know now, that my invention tasted AWESOME.

I was at my friends house, and at around 4pm my friend's family all had to leave for some lawyer matters so I was at theirs' on my lonesome. I WENT INTO AN EPISODE OF UNENDURABLE PAIN - squirming and screaming in agony. I raided their pantries for some sort of medication to find Aspro-Clear. It told me to take 3 so I did. It did NOTHING at all.

Around 6 my friend came home to find me in pain and he quickly went to the pharmacy to buy those Naprogesic tablets for women in need. I'm sure the lady looked at him funny. The lady said it would kick in in 15 minutes, it took 1 hour.

After 4.5 hours of pain, I pretty much fell asleep. My body was exhausted! In between those hours of pain I took an extremely hot shower, now I have red spots everywhere because it was so hot I was starting to cook myself.. it was the only way to ease my pain a little. Sounds sadistic.

When I was packing for Melbourne, my friend drew me this to help meeee. It's so cute!


Sven said...

Ooooh Deen :(
You're the poor lady again!
I hope you feel better now?