Friday, July 9, 2010


Today we went on another tour bus, this time it was a two hour ride to Tianchi. As usual the tour lady was entertaining us with her stories and then she decided to sing us one of the Xinjiang tribe's song. As she turned around she looked at me and was like, "Wait! I don't want to do it. You look like one of them, if you'd like to take my place instead because I feel like if I do it you will laugh at me." My mum just turns around and says, "Go ahead, she's only a foreigner! Hahaha"
They were all fascinated that we were from Australia. We went to one of those Chinese doctors again, and in like 2 seconds of reading my pulse he said I'm having problems with my stomach which is so true. I can't stop the runs every single day.

We went up to the mountain sides to one of the tribes to listen to them sing and dance then try their clothes and ride a horse. There were other tourist groups who asked to take photos with me when I wore the clothes thinking I was one of them. 
The middle guy is not one of the tribes and the right is my sister..
The outer guys are part of the tribe..

We then left to go ride a cable ropeway to have lunch, the best lamb shish kebabs ever! We went to the lake which was absolutely so pretty! The lake was created by melted snow and surrounding it is many snow mountains. The pictures don't justify how clear and blue the area was. I think my polaroid captured it better.

Hello sister! 
Hello Mother!
We went on the boat around the lake and it was freezing! On the ride home I had a very good rest, Xinjiang tribes know how to do their lambs really well. Yum! I bought the herb so I can give it a go too!

I ate 10 shish kebabs and lots of rice and other meat like beef that day. I ate a lot but damn it was worth it!
One of the tribe members cooking the awesome lamb, he was in love with me so my family thought it'd be funny to force me to have a photo with him.......