Friday, July 23, 2010

This is

This is a picture outside my window onlooking a gloomy day..
This is a picture of the treats I got from Kev last night, which I gobbled up shortly after.

This is the start to my miscellaneous journey

This is Wubs walking through the city

This is one of the graffiti lanes

This is the awkward face of Wubs

This is my paparazzi pose HAHA

This is me getting paint thrown at me

This is my disgusted face

This is Wubs hiding from bystanders

This is my fail jump

This is my growl to leave the graffiti lane

This is Wubs hanging on to his friend

This is my hamster face

This is our token picture

This is a cute cupcake store

This is dinner time

This is Wubs' peppercorn steak pie

This is my chicken and mushroom pie

This is how ridiculous Twilight has gotten, clothing merchandise with no relation to the movie?!?

This is me in an extravagant fur coat

This is a summer hat

This is a try hard ninja

This is a faux fur hat

This is a bubblegum face

This is drunk Justin

This is hungry Kevin

This is Deena scared yet satisfied from those juicy lamb skewers

This is a long picture blog


Richard Uttley said...

haha, some funny pictures, especially the one about Twilight. The summer hat suits you by the way.