Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gunpowder Shot

It was my sister's formal today and she looked gorgeous. My mum and I joined her pre-formal gathering. I woke up 20 minutes before because everyone was fretting about getting ready themselves and forgot that I was sleeping.
I slapped on whatever clothes and just put on some pink lippy. I look like tired death.

Afterwards I had some classy sushi with mother and went home to bum for a bit. I was super tired and denied all invitations to go out. But at 11pm Daniel won and I slapped on whatever and this time put hot pink lippy on and headed out.

We went to Port Office then Kaliber to try out this gunpowder shot which was pretty much like a shot of chilli and pepper to mask the alcohol taste (it was terrible!) I drank way too much, and I drove to Ryan's so I knew I wouldn't be able to drive home.

The boys wanted to go to X & Y afterwards so we headed there, as the boys were in the toilet I was by the bar where the bartender - very smoothly, gave me a free Vodka and Redbull and as my friends came back the bartender handed me a receipt. My friends thought it was a receipt for paying, and I had no idea why I got given a receipt, to only turn it around and see his number behind it.

That's probably the coolest way someone has ever given me their number hahaha.
Few moments later I was off in tipsy land, and we all went to the Casino. Daniel put 5 dollars on number 30 and won 175 on first go. We were totally astonished. I got 65 from Blackjack then we headed back to Ryan's. We napped until 7 am then I took Daniel and myself home. The rest of the day I spent packing, I'm absolutely exhausted.


Richard Uttley said...

Loving reading your blog and finding out what you've been up to, but when are you going to find time in this hectic life of yours to treat us all to some more songs on YouTube. We miss you and wait patiently. Mwahhhh x