Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semester 2

Well uni started today, and I kick started my Semester 2 with a 4 hour sleep waking up fresh at 7:30. You're wondering why I slept so late, well the alcohol is starting to send my stomach into a realm of pains.

And for everyone who knows me well, they know that I'm allergic or something to alcohol. I suffer for the next 3 days with pains and runs. Hahaha

I woke up had a shower, and for the first time in my life.. made crepes. I burnt the first batch.
Fail batch in bin..

The second looked more like a pancake to me. Oh well good try? I had it with strawberries and choc mint icecream!

Uni was so boring all day, I had a 2 hour seminar and 3 lectures. Now I want to sleep.
This is what one does in a boring seminar...

p.s I finally have the teacher that screwed me up in Chinese last semester! And he doesn't remember me! He has the worst english and stutters in both Chinese and English which makes it really difficult to learn and listen to. Not that I have anything against stuttering but listening and trying to decode it for 2 hours on a 4 hour sleep is so tiring and annoying!