Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I hibernated until 2pm. I have no idea why but I was in complete smooth slumber!
I woke up at 9am though to hand in my assignment, and in like 20 seconds I ran into 3 people within 10 metres! Crazy!

But went home and crashed again. I woke up, and talked to Tyson who is coming down this weekend! He's an actor, and he's invited me to be his date and I didn't know it was so soon SO IM FRETTING! What should I wear? Has anyone seen any pretty dresses in the shops lately hahahahha? I want to go shopping!

Tyson is wearing this,

So Desh suggested I wear black shoes black dress and a big silver statement jewelry piece?


I went to gym today, have to start getting back into it again! I did crosstrainer for 10 minutes, treadmill for 25 minutes and then 200+ crunches. Then I stretched and ate my beautiful paprika & thyme chicken lemon salad.

Btw I had a thought in the shower - When God poked me in the stomach to make my belly button, I wish he secretly programmed "Engineer" into my system. That way I could grow up and robotically drum "I want to be an Engineer" into my head. Maybe this way I won't feel so confused. Hahahha