Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well I painted my nails red for Tyson's Film Festival.. and I hadn't painted my nails in yonkers! It brought me back into the world of colour and so I wiped the chipped crimson red off the bed of my nails and bought me a teal coloured one from the local chemist.

Yeah in the polaroid it looks blue hahaha!
What colour should I get next? I told myself if I be a good girl I'm allowed to buy another one :)

I wore 5 layers that day and 2 layers on my legs, a beanie and occasionally a scarf if it got colder. I was sick of getting sick so I packed it on and looked like a snowman. I went to school like a good girl, and actually attended Chinese, the class I haven't been to ONCE this semester at all. The teacher was my favourite from last semester and he was really happy to see me!

Engineering workshop was the biggest drainer - and Calculus tute was a really fun class, my group I'm with are a bundle of fun so it makes implicit differentiation into a comedy strip. Haha!

Afterwards I baby sat Ethan again - and he gave me his favourite transformer car to take home. He loves that car so much so it was really cute when he gave it to me! Haha he is so cute.

Then I followed Chris to his dance practice and I was sick of studying there for 3 hours so I hung out with Vlad and he taught me the foundation to krumping. Hahahaha so don't bitches be messin' with Deena in the clubs because I'll just krump dat shit. Hahha okay I tried to have some ghetto lingo going on there but I don't think it worked at all, especially with my sweet, sweet, sweet innocent face *blinks eyelashes*

Then actually I had an emotional break down at like 3 am, I think my body was just really exhausted from lack of sleep and being sick and just relapsed. I thought about Deshna and how much I missed her and wanted her company and just balled out crying. Now you may think its sad but I thought it was triumphant because I haven't cried in ages and it was nice to see that I had a soft side. So I actually started giggling after my little pansy episode.

Oh by the way, this is me all attractive and sleeping when I had my allergies HAHA I will kill my friend for taking this,

And these two photos I sent to Desh when I was getting ready for Tyson's thingy - one showing my hair and nails and the other showing the final and coat hahaha.


chocoloby said...

Wow u finally broke down! Congrats~!

Kaiser Ho said...

interesting picture deeeeena