Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bass Strait Part Two

If you're going to get bored with a long post, exit now.
We woke up at 11 am to start cleaning up and cooking breakfast.
Breakfast was a traditional bacon and eggs, with hash brown. I showered quickly, packed up and we all checked out.

We headed down to Cape Shanck, at the edge of Australia - Bass Strait. The walk and climb down the Cape was actually pretty hectic (walk up was worse). I was so glad I donned the boots instead of the thongs as I balanced across the rocks to reach right near the end.

This was my favourite part of the day, as I stood so close to the edge, watching the waves crash upon the rocks, investigating the sea creatures and sea weed in the little rock pools and collecting sea shells that have been discarded by previous tenants. I have the most hilarious video, I'll try and upload that! We nearly got eaten by an influx of huge waves coming to claim the rocks, it was SCARY.
The hike down... me being immature

When we were 1/3 of the way.. Yeah we still have ages to go

Nearly there!!

So prettyyyy and a little too close for comfort

Oh wow, the sea stacks rocks in amazing ways... haaha


Oh so this is where drink bottles come from!

Hehe some cute sea grass..

I haven't seen these wish flowers in ages!!

I got hungry so had lighthouse for lunch

I'm as immature as the person who ruined this sign to find entertainment in it, Boneo turned Boner Rd..

Dead skeleton on the road.. ugh

We moved on to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, as strawberries are my favourite food and I eat it probably 3 times a week and its been my dream to visit a strawberry farm! It was so fun, and muddy so we had to wear plastic bags on our feet! The strawberries were so juicy and fresh!

The man asked us how did it go, and I said it was fun and the strawberries are so beautiful! And he's like.. not because you ate them on the field right? And I just shut down and denied with a murmuring, "no....."
He just laughed and said he'd probably have to put me on the scales to pay for the strawberries hahaha. We brought a tub home, I also bought strawberry liquer and the strawberry milkshake was such a delicacy NOMNOMNOMNOM!

Then we headed to Mornington for some Indian dinner - and drove back to the city. I miss being away already. I re-enrolled into Engineering today, specializing into Civil for now as Software and Civil are my only options so far. We all know that I don't want to keep doing Engineering though. Sigh.