Friday, November 12, 2010

Mr & Miss Asia

After spending the entire day at home - completely naked - as my apartment traps heat like a greenhouse and watching three movies, I moved onto the city where I met up with Hendricks for dinner.

We ended up just getting takeaway 5 dollar happy hour deals, I had honey chicken. Hendricks asked me for a favour to sign up to that silly Miss Asia beauty pageant *vomit* I did it, because I'm terrible at saying no and I knew that I'm not actually going to be here for the actual thing because I'll be overseas so I didn't really care.

On the front of the form it disclaimed that entrants must not have been previously married or have given birth, I think that's a little discriminative right?

The last page of the form asked for ambitions, personality, interests etc. I pretty much raved on about my love for food and how I once conquered 14 picnic bars in one sitting and still remained hungry. I also wrote that I am immature haha.

They had TV recording blah blah media people there taking photos and footage and it felt like they were taking artistic photos up my skirt because they were doing all these nifty angles from a low point of view, I felt perverted on. Obviously that's not what they were doing - but yeah totally awkward having lights in my eyes while they recorded and asked me to smile or wave... bleugh

Got out of there quickly and Kevin and I went back to mine to watch Blast from the Past and headed back out to meet the others at Cho Gao Bar. I was so sleepy already,

This is AJ with her sexy one eyebrow trick

This is Kevin with his suave one eyebrow move

This is Deena trying so hard to be cool but just ends up looking confused (Trust me when I say that I have been trying for years to be able to get one eyebrow higher than the other.. its getting there slowly!)

We moved on to Loft Club - its been a while since I've gone out on a Friday so I ripped up the dancefloor with my intimidating, off putting moves. We moved to Amber club where in the toilets, this girl's gold ring on her handbag caught onto my skirt and she yanked it out and the back middle ripped.. luckily it stopped just before my bottom but I was devastated as it was the dress' initiation into being worn. We'll see what we can do to fix it but yeah, totally disappointed.

She apologised and I said it was okay and she just stumbled away drunk with her friends. Then I went back out and danced with friends - and blink! My handbag strap snapped off, a bit of bad luck in that night right! But what can I do?

I'm ranting too much, its 4 am and I need sleep. I have to wake up in 2 hours to go Road tripping to Mornington Peninsula! Should be fun despite the unlucky forecast of rain, storm, rain. I think I'm the charm causing all these misfortune!