Thursday, November 11, 2010


These are photos from the barbecue I forgot about..

Joey's fishes (I think they've spammed the tank a little)

I went shopping yesterday - some retail therapy was definitely called for. I bought a pair of Tony Bianco's Firelli in Flesh Kid Suede..
Now I'm a black kind of girl, but I thought with these wedges that something lighter and with the summer season coming on - the flesh colour choice was much, much better.
Hello side view

Hello front view

And me being stupid at a store..
OH STOP PAPARAZZI! HAHAHA I thought.. the hat.. was a common use amongst celebrities to surreptitiously past privacy invaders.. hahahaha

Then we went over to Glen Waverly to eat some Roast Pork Belly (Its been too long my friend!) and this spicy salt deep fried tofu (it was soo delicious)
I came home and said hello to my security guard, and noticed there's a new comer to the security crew and tried to be friendly. I don't know what to think of him, maybe I judged too quickly but he seems a little arrogant and cocky.
While Chris went to the toilet and James had to fix something at the back - this newcomer was telling me a story which was slightly insulting Indians. But wait, he was telling me the story in his own natural, thick, robust Indian accent as he himself was of that descent. Strange?

On another note, these Melbourne Locust Plague? I've seen the warnings of them on television and in newspapers, even my friends are telling me to stay at home because they're out and about near my area. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY? Do they bite you? Apparently they are these ugly, ravenous insects that have being hatching and due to high temperatures and gusty winds - they are getting blown over to Melbourne.

I NEVER HAD THIS IN BRISBANE, it makes me feel sick seeing pictures of them so if you want to see what they are (I'm not posting it!) search Google > Locusts I'm sure they will be there.

They even have a hotline for these Locusts and apparently received more than 200 calls before 9am today. Wow what the hell?!