Friday, November 5, 2010


Kevin came over and chilled with me, brought me over more movies for me to watch. I showed him my dad's letter that he gave me before I left Japan, I haven't showed anyone until then.

I had my first shift as door girl tonight, standing still for 4 hours!
It wasn't as bad as I imagined because I was surrounded by a bunch of douche bag security guards who entertained me.
I got stamped in the forehead with the clubs name about 5 times when I blanked out into boredom. That wasn't that funny though, because I had to talk to people wanting to get into the club with an inked forehead. While they looked at me and pointed and said, "erm.."
I also learnt lots of new Lebanese words from the security guards haha.

But there was one nice security guard who kept wiping it off for me!
The boss of all the security guards tried to pick me up by saying that he would shower me in gifts and love because he thinks I'm beautiful with a gorgeous smile... He said it in front of his entire employees and I was just like, HAAAAAAAA... this is awkward! I just replied with, "Sorry I have a boyfriend"

And another gave me a flower but... the other security guard crushed it haha!

It got really cold towards the end of my shift, I was shivering even though I was wearing stockings and a jacket.

I hate rejecting people into the club so I came up with a codework, "cupcakes" to the security guards so I didn't flat out reject them in the face. To pinpoint which people couldn't come in I'd vary it with Chocolate muffins etc. Hahahaha!

Then I got into a heated argument and everyone gave me sympathy hugs. He just doesn't listen.
Fuming fuming fuming bleugrhgh!

Kevin took me home, but as I fumed out to him in the car, he was a little slow turning right because he was listening to me so we got pulled over by cops, where he was interrogated and breath tested. He was in the clear though!

Came home to cuddle up in my duck feather vest mum gave me, it's really ugly but it feels like a portable blanket. Just listening to music now,
Just tonight I will stay
And we’ll throw it all away
When the light hits your eyes
It’s telling me I’m right
And if I, I am through
It’s all because of you
Just tonight