Thursday, November 25, 2010

Catch up

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged! I've been super busy this week getting ready for my departure as well as having a guest staying over made it difficult for me to do my usual bumming things.

Wednesday I watched The Social Network with Shoji. I had no idea that the Facebook Founder was such a douchebag! Correction - an intelligent douchebag. I've also been dealing with phone service providers as I need to get a plan for the blackberry!

If anyone has a blackberry let me know your Pin for when I get it to work! :)

Thursday I worked at Neverland as a bottle girl. Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes came to party too, but I was too busy to catch him. This girl started me during my shift, calling me a bitch and swearing at me because I wasn't taking care of her table.

I actually got really angry, and usually I'd just bite my tongue and swallow her words but she really had me unjustified so I hurled remark after remark at her telling her that she should know she's not actually a booked table for us waitresses to take care of and that she is just a miscellaneous table next to the bar for people to rest on. She is not entitled to free soft drinks, or waiting service and that if she wants something she could just ask me nicely. She hadn't even told me what she wanted before she cursed at me for ten minutes!
Okay, I'm not really telling the story right but she was a huge bitch and inconsiderate. I saw her later on just accessing the staff area helping herself to free drinks multiple times. I also saw her in the outside area flirting with each boy and she turned around and everyone saw that her short short skirt had risen to reveal saggy bum cheeks and droopy orange granny pants - that made me feel better! I'm evil.


I wrapped Kevin's present because we did secret santa with a 50 dollar budget! But I cbf buying wrapping paper so I just used this terrible tissue and stickers to stick it together. I just realised that I forgot to take the price tag off... so I don't know whether to leave it or to carefully unwrap the fragile mishap and do it again.

Dennis sent me mail today! And I am so surprised to see that all the things inside are individually wrapped! He told me to "use your imagination and pretend today is Xmas. It's all small things that relate to you in some way. Ho ho ho Santa Claus is coming to town"

It's very sweet. It is the most sweetest Christmas I've heard my entire life. I remember never getting any gifts for Christmas so I'm happy to feel like a child with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk anticipating the arrival of Santa in the family rumpus room.


Richard Uttley said...

Now I feel sorry for your childhood at Christmas and that makes me want to post something over to you from the UK.