Monday, November 15, 2010


Sven taught me that in German, those wishing flowers I talked about in my previous entry are called löwenzahn, meaning lion's tooth! I forgot what they're called in English, but Sven sent me this photo showing me that in Germany these flowers are in abundance, or more like they flood the fields like weeds.

I could do with a field of Lions' teeth to desperately make my wishes come true!

My best friend confronted me that I've become this strange hermit who has let life get to me, who let my sense of misdirection drive me into unhappiness, who forgot that one must seek opportunities, opportunities don't find you. So that's it, I must go and get lost to find my way. I must think simple and act crazy.

Let the summer in Hong Kong make or break my dreams, to decide where I want to go and what I want to do. Over thinking kills the simplistic beauty of life.

Get me a Löwenzahn, I've got wishes to make!
Happy, dreamy, crazy, delusional face with pillow on head.. Explains exactly how I feel right now!

On another note.. I woke up with the electrician in my house checking all my electrical outlets and I freaked out, then he freaked out because he thought no one was home! And what's more worse, I was only wearing a tshirt and underwear but luckily I was under the blankets and I quickly put some pants on. Afterwards, I asked him if this was the messiest apartment and he said by far no way, so I'm happy! Then he was asking about my guitar and telling me he wants to buy one for his girlfriend so she can start learning and if I have any suggestions. Awkward moment gone, phew!

I changed my facebook language to Leet Speak, only gamers would understand but this is absolutely hilarious! Here's my option drop down tab in leet speak where usually it would say log out and stuff..


Richard Uttley said...

You can have one of my wishes :)

Michael said...

Hello, Deena.

I have moseyed on over here from Rachel May's blog, and love that you YouTube and Blogger the place up all over the Internet. I'm following/subscribing to you.

What are you doing in Hong Kong? I'm from there, you know.

The best kind of wishes and regards sincerely,