Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well I worked on Friday and I felt a little stupid standing outside in a Little Green Men (Toy Story) outfit while all the girls looked beautiful in skirts and dresses!

You're wondering why - I guess I forgot to mention that at work this week the theme was Disney. Door girling this week wasn't bad at all, and the time went pretty fast. Only thing was standing on a slope made my hips adjust into a diagonal manner and started killing my back.

I stayed until about 4:30 am because I waited for my DJ friend to finish so we can all go to Acey's birthday party together. By the time we got there, everyone was KO'd anyway.
End of night when I took it off and just looked like I wore baggy blue pants

Talented Deena walking up the wall

On another note, I bought new shoes! I love them so much!! Not because they dropped in price from 69.95 to 30.20 but that they are absolutely adorable and screaming my style! I haven't worn it yet because I'm treating them like treasure and slowly coating it in suede protection spray.

This weekend the time was so scarce to be able to blog as I was helping out dance crew, "That's Alotta Nuts" practice and prepare props. Sorry I didn't blog all weekend! Anyway, I was the MUA for their mascot, Avatar Steve. He was a huge hit as a celebrity and created photo-ops everywhere. You're wondering why a hip hop crew would need an avatar.. these boys are strange and delirious and the storyline to their dance was a definite WTF and LOL.
In summary the storyline was that the boys were all Men In Black and Steve was Avatar. Men In Black's goals are to kill aliens, and so they were on the hunt for Avatar. The shortest MIB falls in love with Avatar but then gets heartbroken as Avatar got shot by the rest of MIB. Rafiki from Lion King then comes and revives Avatar and they all celebrate. I know you're thinking *dot dot dot* but it actually worked out really well and was a constant entertainment and laughter inducer.

They placed 1st Nationally and 3rd Internationally, so congratulations to those lazy bastards who actually ended up winning!