Monday, November 8, 2010


It was Ethan's birthday and to celebrate, he hosted a McDonald's party!
Before my fashionably late arrival to a 5 year old's birthday party, I wrapped the remote control monster truck (that's what he asked for) but the wrapping paper's dimension was too small so I had to improvise by sticking another 2 pieces of paper on the sides.
It didn't help that the sticky tape I had was totally lacking in adhesive!

Me crammed in the car..

During the party I had the challenge of eating 20 chicken Mcnuggets, plus the large chips and coke as well as the birthday mud cake. Of course, I did it! How can I ever refuse food? Hahahaha!

Ethan with the present

Ethan hacking into the present hahaha!

Afterwards I spent my time preparing his lolly bags to bring to school tomorrow, I did 30 of them and it was draining.

I made him take this photo

I'm pretty sure I slept beautifully that night, my energy was drained playing and surrounded by children.


Sven said...

Sitting on the driver seat without a steering wheel? :D :D ahahhaha