Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well it was the 9 hour flight to Taipei, mum got to go in the VIP lounge as she was flying Business Class to later on sit with my grandfather to America. She stole mints for me so I felt slightly part of the whole exclusive airport club.

Mum and I had to wait for ages so we put on perfume, different moisturizers, lotions and serums. We used a $500 Guerlain bottle on our eyes! WHO SPENDS THAT MUCH ON EYE CREAM?

When I went through security, one of the guards exclaimed in joy as I was wearing my Melbourne University hoodie and he started waving a little Australian flag around saying, MELBOURNE! I LOVE MELBOURNE!

Mum and I got really stressed out as we were about to board the plane as Jana still hadn't come around yet. It was coming to the end of final boarding - and we seriously thought Jana decided to dog us but in the end we found it she had boarded anyway, just didn't say hello to us. Way to make me lose 100 hairs on my head, I was so scared mum was going to be depressed for the entire flight.