Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I thought this weekend would've been the overturn from the last after suffering through a series of unfortunate events.

Fate just likes teasing me, my ten dollar note got put into the change machine and I got fifteen instead! That got me ecstatic! So I brought my new fortune to the laundry to do two loads of washing, and then two loads of drying.

I just got back from collecting my clothes from the dryer and one dryer machine decided not to even tumble my clothes at all! The machine wasn't even hot, it just sat there going nom nom nom those 3 dollar coins tasted great.

I called reception and they did say I can fill out a refund form though. I just put the second load through again. What a time waster!

Good rant huh? Eating buffet with Kevin in about 2 hours, then I have work.