Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Broken Down

Q: Where do astronauts hang out?

A: Space bar!

Hehehehe! My friend e-mailed me that and I couldn't stop laughing! How adorable is that?

So last night, I took Chris' car to drive to Kevin's and watched Red (Retired Extremely Dangerous?) and I really enjoyed that movie! I have the hugest respect for Helen Mirren for looking fantastic at 65 without the expenditure of plastic surgery.

I left to go pick up Chris from dance practice and about 15 minutes into my drive home the car broke down. I had a dream the night before that that was going to happen, and a déjà vu 30 minutes prior that the car was going to die on me. Freaky right? I was actually tempted to ring Chris and tell him what I saw in my head, and that the popping sounds that we were so used to were kind of getting out of control in volume and frequency. Anyway, after it happened I called Chris and co. and Kevin to come help me.

People stopped by and tried to help me start the car but it was dead, it wasn't even the battery because the music and lights were still going. One person rolled down his window and said, you should move the car to the side.. and I responded with, "Yeah? With what muscles?!" And flexed my puny arms for him.

Many people offered to come help so that was nice. There was the cutest boy in one car with a friend who sympathetically smiled at me but it would've been nice to do MORE THAN A SMILE?!

Anyway Chris and his friends arrived, Chris apologising way too much for something that wasn't my fault. He was surprised I wasn't angry at him for putting me in danger? But I found it thrilling and exciting, I'd do it again!


Michael said...

Hello. A keyboard themed bar wouldn't be a bad premise for a business, you know.

I've lived in Hong Kong for 18 years. I now study in the UK, but I'll be back home over the holidays this year. Where are you headed while you're there?