Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bass Strait

So this weekend, I went away to Mornington Peninsula, where many beautiful, calm beaches lie as well as the Bass Strait, which is the area of sea that separates Tasmania from the Australian mainland.

We arrived on Saturday and checked in to our apartment, decided to catch up on some sleep then go grocery shopping. I was in charge of dinner and Chris on dessert. We got roast chicken to feast on for lunch.

We played spot the Asian at the grocery store, because of course, we were a rare species when it comes to regional areas.

We headed to Peninsula hot springs which was absolutely breath taking.. or more so water taking as it dehydrated me so badly! The pattering of the cold rain was so refreshing on the face while the body immersed in the hot water. It was really good to relax though but when I hopped out of the water, the series of unfortunate events that has been piling up over the weekend struck.

My jewelry turned bronze.. MY SENTIMENTAL JEWELRY TURNED A DISGUSTING, DULL BRONZE COLOUR. All except one, which I thought would've been the one least likely of surviving sulphur infused waters. I just assumed that one would be the cheapest and the lowest grade because my relatives who own a jewelry factory in China gave it to me. Hahaha!

I freaked out in the showers, thinking what do I do, what do I do?!?!! Then the next episode to the series of Deena's unfortunate events occured when a group of 5 people, both female and male, barged into my shower where I stood there doe-eyed in shock wearing my birthday suit.

We went home to start dinner and dessert, and watched a Korean movie called Bittersweet Life and Interview with the Vampire. Dinner was cumin and chilli lamb with garlic naan bread, complimented with raita dip. Dessert were chocolate fondants, which successfully oozed out when it was cracked into.

I then decided to think about ye ol' Chemistry class days, I assumed that the sulfur had reacted with the silver and caked itself on there. Otherwise, if it was the opposite, my jewelry would've dissolved into the water right? So I looked up what reacts with sulfur on my phone (very slowly and restricted, as the area barely had any 3G network) and found out aluminum did. So I wrapped a bowl with aluminum, put a hot salt and baking soda solution inside (I was totally guessing from the days I changed a coin into copper, but there was electricity involved in that).

To my amazement, as I tried one bracelet.. it WORKED! IT WORRRRRKEDDD, you don't understand how ecstatic I was!! IT WORKED!
Here's the bronzed jewelry of mine (the left one is the China one that survived)

Here's one half dipped in my magic water

My jewelry taking a bath

I decided to chuck my earrings and rings in there too, seems like it cleans. You can definitely smell the bad egg sulfur smell when the jewelry hits the aluminum to react.
Anyway, here's everything all shiny spanking new!


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