Monday, November 29, 2010


I arrived to Taipei.. the overwhelming smell of the Taipei air was, hmm - welcoming. But at least its significantly better than China's air.
I was so itchy everywhere from the plane, made me wonder whether or not China airlines washed their sheets properly, but I won't spend an extra second longer to ponder - I think that'd be healthier on my mind.
Because Mum flew in a different class to us, my sister and I were stranded in Taiwanese immigration when they asked us where we were staying - luckily I saved my grandparent's house number just yesterday and they let us through. Phew!

So me being the forgetful dwarf of the 3, left my novel on the suitcase trolley. It also had our L.A schedule which my great-uncle had planned. I really have to learn my lesson, or get a Rememball like Neville owns in Harry Potter.
Family friend picked us up from the airport, it was a 3 hour car drive so I caught up on sleep then (as well as a quick bully session to my sister).

We had quick lunch at our grandparent's house. It was hilarious when we started to eat lunch because my family friend had closed his eyes and bent his head down.. and my grandmother - the usual ball of energy that she is, decided to go right up to his face and mock him saying, 'Don't you know how to eat? Do you need me to help you how to eat?'
It was only when I told her that she realised that my family friend was praying. Aww how cute.

We then went to Danshui, which had crabs ALL OVER the beach.

I've never seen anything quite like it, or disgusting. Made me shiver through to every crevasse in my body.

Sleepy cat infront of a store

Jana and I decided to play a game of Basketball, she scored 197 and I scored 220. Not bad for two girls who hadn't slept yet.

These were full on alive, and you can see them on the pathway as well as the Octopuses try and fight for escape... ew

A strange lady decided to talk to Jana and I, she thought we were twins and gave us seeds to eat. We politely accepted and ate them... Probably shouldn't have but I am still alive, don't worry.
That's the strange lady getting me seeds, and my sister already plowing into hers

So these dogs were outside and my sister and I thought they were just a little mentally unstable, but mum said they're mating. No way they mate like that right? Can anyone give me the answer? My sister and I actually stood there for like 10 minutes being fascinated at how WTF it looked...

We returned back to the grandparent's apartment and I taught grandma how to use a laptop. She is the cutest thing ever! I had to repeat everything about 5 times.

We had French cuisine for dinner at a well furnished restaurant. However, the place was so ironic as the blunt, loud Chinese mannerisms of the staff reverberating through the room totally diminished the class of French cuisine. Not only that but the food as well - we had Soup du jours, escargot, parisienne, truffle etc. as well as a sashimi meal with soy sauce ... ?

Afterwards, my sister and I decided to go explore 101 Tower, which used to be the tallest building in the world but still looks absolutely beautiful to me.
How sexy is Takeshi Kaneshiro for Giorgio Armani? Husband material right there.

Looks like a wedding cake

I bought a book entitled 'Paprika'

This is the exterior of the 101 Tower.. Yeah so not my photo I know

I realised everything I'm typing is so short form because that's how I stored it into my phone and seeing as I am Neville the Goldfish - I can't really remember the fine details. I am so sorry!