Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tears, and Boogers

This morning, I woke up.

The peculiar thing was that the mannerisms in how my family treated me in today's dream reflected reality, yet I will still never cry. I will never let my fortress down.

I will never, otherwise this morning will become a daily tradition. And the booger running down my chin wasn't very comfortable.

Yesterday I went to Kevin's and watched Road Trip - a hilarious movie - but I learned one thing: "You're all brains and not enough cock and balls."
I've just gotta get out there and strut my stuff, just let me find my passion yeah?

I decided after a chat to head on home, where we went outside to find a man urinating in his garden. After analyzing our surroundings we decided that, it was the most inappropriate, strangest and random urination spot. His garden had no bushes, no tall trees, no fence.. The moment where Kevin berated the man was the most anger I've ever seen him fume, and Kevin never gets angry!

Look at the cute picture, Pancake drew of me - matching what I was wearing that Halloween night I worked hahaha (I was wearing red sneakers)!


Kaiser Ho said...

don't cry don't cry