Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with Phillip - little did he know that Movida was one of the bar/restaurants that I wanted to visit.
Ever since appearing on Masterchef, I craved the Spanish Bomba which is a potato bomb filled with chorizo.

It tasted just as mouthwatering as it looked.
I also had rabbit for the first time, its similar to chicken - just a little tougher, elastic and tangy.

This one was tuna slices... I probably should've remembered what these dishes were called.

Afterwards, I went to Julie's birthday barbecue. Mum called me when I was at the park so I sat on the swings and listened to her stories. She told me she got picked up at the shops by a gentlemen who slipped a note to her when she was sitting & talking to someone.
It read something like, Hi my e-mail is... All the best, Gary.

I was hysterically laughing and wooing as she went on to say, "See, Deena? Your mother still got it! Your fat and juicy mother is still attractive."

I am now attempting to convince her to actually e-mail the man. She's adamant on breaking his heart and not saying hello. I was telling her that it took a lot of courage for him to come over and do that and the least you can do is say hello! I told her that if she doesn't do it, I'll go into her account (because I know her password) and send the e-mail myself! I know the first part of the e-mail address, so I'll just send it to yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn... Try my luck!

After I said that she was like NOO DON'T YOU DARE, HE'S A LITTLE BALD!
And I'm like, so? He can wear a hat or a toupee!

I failed at persuading her, but I know it brightened up her day! I think she's too cynical and distrustful now to ever get back into dating.

I made spaghetti the other night, and I do not know how I let the pasta get like this. Absolute disaster!


Deshna said...

I told you, you don't know how to make spaghetti, lololol