Friday, July 30, 2010


I was feeling a little sick so I slept in and skipped all my lectures. Then at night we were all going to go out but have pre drinks at mine.

Tony Le, Nhan and I started drinking first out of boredom and man that Jack Daniel was yuck! Then the others came and it wasn't long before we had a group full of drunkards in my apartment.

My money was on Tony and Nhan to pass out but boy, was I wrong. We all decided to head out, and by then all the mixing of drinks was getting to my head.

We all got on the 2nd tram and realised that two of us were left behind. By then, Martin went from sober to drunk and apparently passed out on the tram tracks. Eventually one cop came, then four then six and then a big fat recovery van.

Me and 3 others stayed on the other side of the street because we were too drunk ourselves. I called my friend to come pick us up so they don't take have to take Martin, but the cops decided that an Ambulance was a better option.

Martin was escorted to Alfred Hospital where we followed. We waited and finally got to see him two by two. Seeing as I lived the closest and had no obligations (parents, work) I stayed and made my friend who didn't even know Martin stay as well.

At 5 we got told to go home and that they'd call me. I slept terribly waiting for the call and now, I am so hungover. Never mixing drinks.


Kaiser Ho said...

LOL that picture is funny, the one you thumb up.