Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I spent the day packing, packing oh and, PACKING!

Then I get this call from James my Sydney friend saying, "HEY, DEENA! I'M OUTSIDE YOUR PLACE!"

I thought he was joking, because I always prank call him (and he falls for it hard - one time I called him pretending I was from a telecommunications company offering an upgrade to his phone and he got sucked in hard )

But no, he was there - like a lost sheep - in front of my place! Unfortunately, I just did my laundry and was embarrassed to let him upstairs with my undies sprawled everywhere so we chatted on the bench, in the sunshine, outside.

I decided I would take him to the airport the next morning so we said our byes and I continued packing. He came over at the wee hours of a fresh day and we watched tennis, bummed at Maccas and dropped him at the airport.

The funny thing was, he sent me a text a good couple of hours later saying that he fell asleep on the chairs by the check-in counter and fell asleep for 3 hours; which means he missed his flight HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I couldn't stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!