Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Quinton and I spent a lazy morning listening to me sound like an elephant with my congested chest and dribbling nose tap.
Disgusted hahaha

I had a refreshing shower and Quinton blow dried my hair like a good hairdresser's nephew! I actually haven't had my hair look so nice in so long except he wasn't used to old hairdryers and he got my hair sucked in at the back 3 times. All I smelt was burning hair and we actually had to get scissors to cut it off.
Lucky I have thick hair so you can't tell hahaha!

We then had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and my favourite roast pork meal was only $2 and it was crispy fresh! We popped over to APM to look around then got a call that Pac was at ours.

He came over with a suitcase, ready and pumped to record our song Farewell for fun. Pac is a student producer but I think he is very talented. Of course there was no vocals because I've lost so much of my voice that I can't even sing the low notes!

Quinton and I wrote Farewell about a year ago when I left Brisbane to Melbourne and gave the song to my best friend, Deshna. She told me she was excited to hear it properly recorded but insisted no more actually farewells! But she mentioned she was scared that she probably will hear more goodbyes. I think she knows my underlying self too well.
Clinging onto to the plate

Afterwards we went and had all you can eat hot pot at Kwun Tong! I ate 6 plates of beef!