Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beginner's Luck

So we woke up late as usual, got ready and decided to head into the city to run some errands..
1. Jana to get her eyebrows waxed
2. To find me some shoe laces
3. Get an empty sim card
4. Buy me some legit sunglasses for the UV-piercing summer
5. New outfit for Jana
I want a little pom pom!

So firstly, we got the empty sim card from Vodafone and moved onto Myer to go to Benefits Brow Bar to drop in for Jana to get a wax. I've never used their service but wow they are quick, good and easy (just like how every one likes it!).

We then zoomed off to check out some sunglasses, I've checked out 3 stores in the past few days and nothing works on my round, round moon face, nose and chin. I already knew this was going to be a challenge so I was patient. I've never bought nice sunglasses, always the cheap 20 dollar pairs - but this time I was adamant on a polarized investment. The lady looked in the stock to try and find the brown Raybans Cat 1000 that I wanted, and yay! They finally had a pair, and they were polarized!

I couldn't find myself nice boot laces but I did buy crabby strings for the meanwhile, it JUST made the last eyelets but I don't think it exudes the reputation the boots have potential for, so I need your help. I would LOVE grey pink laces, but I can't find any so here are the ones I like on ebay..
Obviously I can't wait to wear them out.. I domestically wore them

a) The grey bluish ones...

b) The coral pink...

c) The beige...

d) Or still stick to brown/Or maybe maroon?...

e) All of the above/More like, two of the above

Moving on, we met up with Phillip for some Spanish Tapas at Movida. I love the bomba, its my favourite but my sister and I were left farting later on at Crown Casino. The pork belly was of an uber finesse creation and the churros were the best I had ever tasted! Literally just dissipated on your tongue!
How do they make stockings??!! A zoom up on my legs hahaha


So good at balancing that crystal ball!

Jana and I came home to rest, I accidentally crashed on the couch - then Chris came over as it was time to take Jana gambling for the first time! She had beginners luck and got 18 on Roulette! Then I wasn't doing too bad at Black Jack either, won 60 dollars and I only bet 5 dollars! We went outside to watch the fire spectacular and cashed our chips in, Jana had a 5 dollar voucher for being a beginner so we went to the Roulette table again..

Um we got into a crazy over-the-top poser mood..

There was a man who pulled 100 dollars out of his wallet and just put all of it on number 23. Of course we were murmuring that he was stupid, and when he cursed due to loss we just rolled our eyes thinking, "Well, what were you expecting?"
To our surprise, he pulled another 100 dollars out from his wallet and after a hesitation, put the entire thing on number 5 - we thought he was nuts.
The situation got more nuts when... the ball actually landed on number 5 and the man jumped up and down, cursing in joy this time as he had won $3600...
Crazy move, crazy outcome - I will never be that foolish.

We're both strange kids


Unknown said...

Love the paparazi shot. Go for the coral pink, I think they'll suit you :)