Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brisbane River

I'll start with the more somber agendas...
I am completely heartbroken with what is going on in my home town, and I probably developed wrinkles from all the stress of trying to reach contact with my family. I know the telecommunication lines and electricity supplies are down but I was relieved an hour ago when I reached my home phone.

Many of my friends' homes have been devastated by the muddy flood waters so my prayers go out to them.

My mum told me that the grocery stores are empty, especially the long life foods. My high school has been digested by the Brisbane River and even my piano students have told me that the water has climbed up to their upstairs! I can't even imagine all this and I'm just sitting here helpless. I really want to help.

With that mentioned, I know a few of you have said to me "Oh I gotta get you that birthday present" and I've done the whole, "I don't need anything" (because I don't!) but if you really want to give then - I'm not being cliche - please help and donate to the flood relief appeal.

My friends and I already have, same with my mum. It's really easy, if you're in Australia head to any bank, even some retail shops are helping out, or you can go to this site for more details: Flood Relief Appeal
I even registered to volunteer because its really hitting home for me. I won't bore you with all the stories of close ones that I've heard, just know that I am here in Melbourne, devastated and sending my love to everyone up north.

On a more cheery note, I got mail today! From my lovely Postman Dennis who sent me a huge panda plushie (whom I've named Lennis Dynch) and intricate Samantha Wills bracelets that were tucked into a jungle box that convinced me that I was going to enter a Jumanji game if I opened it. Thank you so much, you spoil me way too much and it makes me feel guilty!

Philip came by the other day after work to hand me 5 cupcakes with a candle in the box, he then sung me Happy Birthday outside my apartment block on the street while old ladies smiled. Very sweet, but the song sounded more like a rap to me! The cupcakes are adorable though, like little sweet buttons!

I went to Kevin's last night for the weekly traditional Movie Marathon, and he gave me a big Smorkin' Labbit figurine and foam robot stickers (which I've stuck everywhere - doors, beds, fridges, remote control, guitar case etc.). Maxim and Kevin then surprised me with a Belgian cheesecake with 19 candles because I didn't get that on my actual day. I was so touched. His mum even made me banana fritters with cookie 'n' cream ice cream! YUM! I could say I left the house with a Santa tummy!
Yeah.. he got me that cheesy birthday girl tag

Inventive, real bloke wrapping

I also heard, from a blabber birdie that I am having a surprise birthday beach party weekend tomorrow and that my best friend, lover, half of my soul Deshna is flying down with her cute boyfriend to come celebrate. Sounds exciting, I'm nervous. I hope my party pooper source isn't wrong!

Happy Birthday Jana (my sister)! I am currently trying to organise her flight tickets down seeing as her 18th party at Fox Hotel in Brisbane drowned. Isn't that sad?