Friday, January 28, 2011

Joseph Vincent

Today was clean up. Phillip came over again to bring my pancakes and help out. I vacuumed, scrubbed stove tops and the shower. Phillip did all the tiles!
I was so exhausted but I had to push on for 4pm, when the inspector would check my place out!
I also showered with the bins so they could get cleaned.. I didn't think my sink would be big enough hahaha!

My whole wardrobe surprisingly fitted in one fat suitcase!

Scott came right on time to tell me that about 400 would be taken out of my bond, but that's just procedure, I didn't have any damages. I reckon it is a little bullshit though, my apartment looks pretty good but they're taking 55 for light cleaning (I did everything though!) 70 for steam cleaning (understandable) 250 for painting walls (I only have two chips and it was there already!) and 15 for a mattress protector. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Chilling in the sun, had no idea this was taken.. LOL

Wow my blogs are terrible these days because my mind has gone kaputt! I'm sorry! Anyway, I fell asleep for about half an hour and then got ready for work. It was expected to be very busy because of Joseph Vincent's performance so I started at 9:30pm. I was so stressed yet again due to my girls disappearing in the crowd to check out Joseph Vincent up close. So, I was fretting about trying to find two of my six girls and it took me about an HOUR+! Arrghhh then I had people stealing other people's areas and people complaining about drunk girls spilling others' drinks as they fell down with their class/dignities. It was about 12:30am where I couldn't handle it anymore and took a ten minute break. I told you this week would finally kick in the exhaustion.

Ajay's birthday.. obviously drunk already with Jonno

My friend Helen getting serenaded by Joseph Vincent, happy 21st :) Helen Melon!

The break helped but my friends told me I looked terrible hahaha. At 1:30am, Eric told me to come follow him and rest up a little - where he took me to the back VIP room where I got to meet Joey Diamond (Youtube Star) I was so starstruck that I shook his hands for about a whole minute just going, "Oh my god, woww.. oh my god woww wowww wowwwww"

He was such a sweet heart! Gave me a hug and let me take a photo even though it was his night off and no one is meant to hassle him. He tiptoed and I squatted to let him seem taller.

I then got introduced to Joseph Vincent, who is also a gentlemen and gave me not one, but two hugs.. I walked out of the VIP room back to work with euphoria inscribed into my face and hovered around the floors in slow motion. WEEHEHEHEHEHHEEEEE :)

He's touching me!!!! o_O


Saweiner said...

joseph vincent! so jealous.. ):