Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So we went out to Sheung Wan and ate lunch at a Ramen shop in Soho. Then we met up with Pac and Tin Hao and made our way back to our bachelor pad. Pac was here to record my half this time but man, we made a mistake!

I WAS A TERRIBLE PERSON TO WORK WITH! I was so sick that Quinton even ran down to buy me a drink and that menthol nose vicks inhaler thing but even when my nose cleared up - I still sounded like an out of tune trumpet. Sighhh.. I felt so bad!

Then we went to dinner at TST at a Hotel Buffet with Quinton's family where I ate a lot of fish, jade sprout and dessert. I actually felt really sad seeing Quinton's family for the last time, they were so kind to me. I just get this warm feeling around them as they really are a great family, I'm jealous!

Pac, Quinton and I then went to Mongkok to collect the jumper I bought a week ago but they didn't have stock. I love it! Its a cardigan with a rabbit on the front and carrots at the back.. okay its cute but I'm not good at describing when I'm tired!

We then went back to our pad to keep working hard until 3 am, then Pac left and Quinton and I did a few errands before we approached my last day.

I wanted to write a thank you card to them but all the shops were closed and didn't sell them so instead I improvised with my shopping bag from the jumper I collected, thickened it into cardboard by gluing layers and made this! Hahahahaha, I think its pretty cool that it became a hanger thing! I'm pretty sure Quinton was thinking I am lame though hahaha.