Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm so sorry all these posts are quite short, lacked in details and frankly, boring. I'm pretty much brain fried from exhaustion and mind clogged from phlegm.
What a poser

I got home to Brisbane and slept for 5 hours. Then I was up all night on the computer with Simba sleeping by my side. Well at one point, I kind of dozed off and woke up to Simba trying to rape me and I was SO disappointed and hurt that I yelled at him and sent him outside my room (He's 1 years old now and going through adolescence).

I went to the toilet and he gave me a sulking face, waited for me by the toilet and heeled beside and looked at me with his puppy dog apology face. So I let him back to my room.

I put up a new header of Sleeping Soda :)