Monday, January 3, 2011


So we woke up relatively early to head to Macau! We caught the train to Sheung Wan to go to the ferry terminal. We bought the 12:30pm ticket and went through immigration. How cool is that? An Island so close to Hong Kong, a grasp away from (as well as in ownership to) China is considered a new country.
She walked in as I was about to take a photo and was so ready with the pose!

I thought it was amazing how far I can go in such short distances! I got my Macau stamp and headed to Gate 3! The boat ride was a much more comfortable sail compared to the Long Island ferry and I slept peacefully listening to Corinne Bae Railey.

New Lisboa

We concurred that lunch was on the menu so we went to a Shark Fin Soup shop where I slurped away in delicacy. The waiter even came by my table and put tissue to my mouth as I greedily chowed away. I felt so embarrassed that the laughing waiter had to be my baby bib!

Old Lisboa

We moved on to freshly made egg roll with coconut and AH EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THIS! It just cracks and shatters in your mouth that in 4 seconds its melted onto your tongue. If Quinton wasn't there, I probably would've devoured the plastic packet too.

Ugliest Rolls Royce

Then we went down a renowned food strip where the people just FEED their products into your mouth! No wonder why Quinton said the soup was only an entree! I got so much pork, suckling pigs, beef, sesame snacks, even wild boars shoved down to my stomach pit only for them to hopefully claim a customer. Unfortunately, I am a penny-pinching cheap rascal and instead got fed for free. Bweehehehe!
Jelly fish chandelier i.m.o

Apparently walking under this gives bad luck due to Feng Shui

We went up to.. this building that only had the facade left standing then went to Cafe de Nata for some warm, caramelised Portugese egg tarts. Isn't it so interesting that Hong Kong and Macau had English and Portugese colonies running the town until the recently late 90's/early 00's?
An Australian casino in Eastern Las Vegas?! Thought we wouldn't be good enough!

Due to so much traveling I've run out of poses.. so people laughed at me striking this!

It was time for sinister Casinos to lure its victims so we first succumbed to Hotel Lisboa - the original and only non-Vegas-owned casino.

I got a lion's mane too!

Then Wynn Casino where we played Sic Bo (Cantonese name, you know where you guess the 3 dices combination?)

W O W (can you see it?)

We moved to the second Island where we went to the European influenced casino, The Venetian. This was totally high class so all the minimum bets were crazy! Our idea was to play Blackjack at The Venetian but the bet was $300+ (HKD). Seeing as I love Blackjack, I went crazy and I decided to play one game only. I was oozing in confidence when the dealer handed me a pair of tens and was bound to be safe. The dealer got herself a 5 + 5 + 6 and I cried as she scraped my chips away.

I was depressed for about 30 minutes as I hit my head asking why I was so stupid to ever do that! We walked around The Venetian and left the malicious place. P.s - the toilets there are so pretty, I'd live there.

Such emo hair after a day of beanie

I tried to be posh, but failed...... badly

Our next destination was The City of Dreams where I decided to give $20 HKD a chance (and that was my final go!) People laughed as I only put $20 down but after winning consecutive rounds in a row, I got back up to $330! Meaning that I embodied a new found happiness as I claimed back the $300 I lost, as well as the $20 I spent on this game and profited in $10. I learned my lesson and was sick of the gambling stress so I left it at that and went to hunt for prostitutes. We only saw one getting rejected access to the Casino but we couldn't find the groups that waited to hunt their prey. I was so sad, I wanted to see what conservatively dressed yet totally readable prostitutes looked like because in my head I only picture, fishnet stockings, blue eyeshadow paired with red lipstick.. maybe even a feather boa?
This photo was a request from Kevin.. It was hard to cover the O-C-E because they had Christmas hyacinths all around the floor, sorry!

We got hungry and as we were in Hard Rock Hotel, we thought we'd feast on Hard Rock Cafe as I have never eaten there. That was a fail because Macau only had R Bar so we asked a concierge for suggestions and it lead us to this Pinocchio Portugese restaurant.

My depressed face after I lost my moolah :(

Seeing as we were in Macau we tried Macau beer and it was disgustingly terrible but at least the food was delicious! Today was my first day trying suckling piglets, they really are tender yum yum!

We then caught the turbo jet back to Hong Kong where I was held up for 25 minutes at immigration while Quinton whizzed through (because he's citizen). The man was sitting there just looking at my passport pages for ages! I was thinking, "Come on! Its not a reading book!" and even his colleague next to him was like, "What are you doing?"

I talked to a man in line and he was from Australia (city of Perth though) too! On the train home there was a group of international kids about my age that were so rude, disruptive and insolent that I wanted to seriously yell at them as they used English profanity with no care at people's faces. I am still fuming in anger that I didn't tell them to shut up.