Sunday, January 30, 2011


I woke up starving but because of my first encounter of 40+ degree heat, all the stores around the area was closed so we went to Coles to make something that didn't require too much energy. I made my rendition of Waldorf Apple Salad and grilled some chilli, rosemary and thyme Atlantic Salmon. I'll be modest and say that it was delicious and I was proud!

I then played Lego with Ethan for a little bit and invited him to go to the beach with me. It was too hot for him so he wasn't allowed to go and he threw a tantrum. Chris and I had to tell a white lie and say we weren't going anymore but we'd watch movies with him at night time.
We headed down to Geelong and despite how enticing the picture looks - it was crap. I have no idea why its a well known area, maybe because of the interesting swimming establishment in the sea so that people can dive and etc.

We didn't last long, the sand looked dangerous with way too many cracked sea shells waiting to poke and scratch, and the sea looked like - sewerage so I laid on the grass where the dragonflies zoomed around. Sounds picturesque, but it got annoying so we went home to eat Japanese. I'm never going to Geelong again!

I had a whole large sashimi moriawase to myself, and some chicken karaage! Unfortunately, they had no green tea ice cream but the tempura banana was scrumptious!
Karate Face

I then hurried to Ethan's as he was eagerly waiting for us, staying up late for our arrival! We watched The Karate Kid (bad idea, I had to tolerate his karate practice).
p.s Apparently, Ethan and I are married and our wedding song was Chris Brown - With You! HAHAHAHA