Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jana's Tattoo

My sister and I woke up and met Chris downstairs for some good chicken tuckin' Nando's! I can't describe to you how beautiful the Peri Peri sauce is as it veers even 5 cm from your mouth!

Jana and I went back up stairs to quickly slap on clothes and head out - as it was already 2:30pm and we had an appointment at 4pm with Chapel Tattoo.

Remember how I said she was influenced by mine? Well today was the day she had it permanently etched into her back but we went through some stress first. She forgot to bring a design.

LOL, so we chilled at the Print shop as we tried to find ones she was ecstatic about, and we finally did! However the printer wasn't working, then the main computer wasn't reading the font but we finally got it printed except the cursor from the mouse was in the image...
Classy lady

But the dude was adorable, did a little fix up and handed us a cleaner slate while saying, "Just incasies!"
I giggled for ages at the line! Then the whole shop laughed when he said, "I would feel like a dick if you came back with the mouse cursor tattooed as well!"
Moping as we wait lol

Anyway, no time was wasted as we were swept away to Kate's studio..

I bought A Bittersweet Life (an exceptional Korean movie) from an Op Shop for 5 dollars, what a bargain! Apparently at JB Hi Fi its selling for 30! Then we went to Chapel Street Bazaar which is the best secondhand store I've ever laid eyes on. I mean even if you're not intending to buy anything, the selection of vintage is so entertaining to look at; like war medals, cameras, posters, figurines...

I then bought coral red pumps - its official, I love shoes :(

I bought 3 picture slides to stick on my lamp - I'll show you (I have weird fascinations, I know)! I'll properly stick them on when I move to my new place

We then had dinner at Cafe Italia and dessert at Brunetti's. Yum yum in my tum tum!

Roasted lamb, parsley, yoghurt, cherry tomatoes and cheese pizza (it had potential but I'm going to make a better version)


chocoloby said...

it just hit me that i've never seen yours...I WANT ONE!!