Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joey Diamond

I always wake up late, my body clock is totally out of whack. So let's just say, I woke up and had to get ready soon for dinner with Marcus.

We picked up Marque on the way and then Chris and Marque dropped me off to Melbourne Central. I met Marcus under the big clock and we hurried ourselves over to Hardware Lane for dinner at Vialetto (from my memory). We sat on the third level over looking the busy, boutique street where music was being played by an adorable jazz band.

I looked at the menu and saw that they had kangaroo fillet, and you know how I always want to try different delicacies so I ordered that in medium rare and Marcus got the rump steak.

I've always been told that kangaroo tastes like chicken, but they were so off - the meat texture is pretty much like very lean beef! We then had chocolate mousse for dessert!


Marcus then hurried to drop me off to work where I was a little late because I got lost. I was handed a flashing LED badge so people can find us VIP waitresses. There was only two of us that night and I was actually so bored and tired that the night went by slowly. Joey Diamond did a great performance, I actually preferred listening to him than Joseph Vincent - I guess JV just has the whole package!

I served Joey Diamond and he was a sweetheart once again, thanking me for serving him his drinks swiftly and asked me my name because he forgot it the night before as he was drunk. My sentences are terrible on my blog lately because 5 year old Ethan is talking to me so I'm terrible at multi-tasking sometimes. Sorry!

Marque and Chris picked me up, they made me a video that was absolutely hilarious then I went home and slept. I was so tired!