Sunday, January 16, 2011


My best friend and her boyfriend, Isti came down to visit me in Melbourne. I also spontaneously flew my sister down from Brisbane to celebrate her 18th.
We went away to Mornington Peninsula at a beach house for 2 nights and I had so much fun.

Deshna and I closed up on a lot of lost time, and we're planning to travel together to further bond :) as its difficult being so far away to constantly update our lives.

For the whole weekend we pretty much drank wine, bubbled in a jacuzzi, played by the beach and sang/danced to classic tunes.

My sister obviously sucks at hacking up a Mango

Sisterly Love

Hungover faces

It was really sunny guys!

Baby Ganouche

One day soon I will go Scuba Diving! And snorkel in shallow waters, aw aw I was so jealous!
Thank you Puppy for planning the entire weekend away, it would've been hectic trying to organize 20 people and keeping the surprise from my knowledge!