Monday, January 17, 2011


My sister and I woke up in the afternoon after falling asleep to 9 Months with Hugh Grant. We hurriedly got ready and caught a tram to Chapel Street where my sister put a deposit on a tattoo.

I finally showed her mine and she is getting an element from mine on her own skin. Then we shopped around, and I couldn't help it.. the sales are just as tantalizing as the retail devil and I bought another pair of boots. They are leather, and the brown I was looking for, and super comfortable (like clouds)! I just need to change the laces but I have no idea where to find the grey pink laces that I want, I guess I'll settle for brown.

The lady at the shop was a little strange, we were talking about shoes and she just whips out, "You know what I think? People who kill other people are just not right in their mind.. its a similar thinking to how you are in Melbourne and your sister is in Brisbane."
My sister and I looked at each other with an obvious WTF marked on our foreheads.

Jana on a tram

We met up with Chris for dinner at Kanpai where we had teppanyaki and edamame. My sister had fish soup. We then caught a movie at Jam Factory, Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher. It was a very upbeat movie but I think sometimes the acting was cheesy or lacked in emotion (especially saddened Cher) but otherwise I just totally think to myself how beautiful and talented Christina is. Especially as my child idol, she seriously has not aged at all! Then the next proceeding thought is WHY DID SHE RUIN HER IMAGE WITH THE NEW ALBUM 'BIONIC'? It just doesn't work for her at all (and is a totally try hard album).

Now we're just watching the Australian Open!