Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I left the TV on all day as I packed the small things from my apartment today to listen out for all the suburbs that are being affected by the inland tsunami in my hometown, Brisbane.

It is unbelievable how much damage the flood is creating as it rips through the streets, and that this disaster is occurring so close to my little city!

My mum seemed so carefree that the backyard is flooded and Simba is enjoying the rain and 'water' garden.

My best friend, Deshna messaged me at 11 pm telling me that they're cutting the electricity in the CBD and closing down all the shops as they're expecting the Brisbane River - which ribbons through the city - to overflow soon.
Everyone buying stock.. water

This sign is meant to say... Road Subject To Flooding

I hope the death toll and number of damaged properties doesn't continue to rise. May all my strength go to every family, or even for the clouds to dry up!
Rain, Rain go away! (But keep lightly raining in Melbourne because I love summer rain)