Thursday, January 27, 2011

Move Out

It was time to pack up the rest of the things left over from my apartment, by this point I was very, very exhausted. I could just tell that I was at my energy levels end and a severe bout of exhaustion would strike me soon. Now, this is very dangerous for my body (if you remember I was very sick at the end of last year so I'm just weak now!) because I tend to just faint or shut down at any time! LUCKILY, I hadn't yet :)

Phillip came over to help out and even bring me lunch from my favourite chicken store, Nandos!
Do you like how I blog while he's doing the work?

I also badly tripped over on my shoes and coat rack and carpet burned my knees and got stabbed by metal poles, so this is my solution... plastic bags sticky taped to the poky bits.

I even did more laundry! Lint ball...

At night time, I popped over to Marlon's place for his going away barbeque - he's just going overseas for a month with some others so it was pretty much just a gathering. My eyes bellied out in enthrallment when I saw, a ping pong table! The Australian Open totally hyped up my urge to play tennis so ping pong was the next best thing. It was my first time playing ping pong and after about 10 minutes of getting used to the miniature size, I'm going to be honest - I ripped the table with my skills!
Chauffeur service

I hurried back home and started cleaning, mainly dusting down and scrubbing walls - then I fell asleep at 5am
But first, emptied the intestines of my piggy bank and counted 99 dollars exact! :)