Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mt Dandenong

Well obviously the holidays drained all my energy away as I've spent all day sleeping. In the afternoon we went to eat at Mt. Dandenong which is the mountain lookout for Melbourne city. The drive was 1.5 hours and the view was beautiful!

Minh's GPS then dragged us all the way to an off road dirt track where the 3 Japanese cars suffered haha, but we finally found our way back after driving backwards on this terrible single lane with no turning point.

We got to Sky High Restaurant and got confronted by a spectacular view! The food however was not so stunning, I was so ready after holidaying with no steak to have a juicy eye fillet but it was so dry and unsatisfying.

At least the chocolate fondant was delicious!

Then I slept on the way home like a sleepy, tired out post-holiday traveler.
HAHA PIMPIN' CHRISTMAS HOUSE! They left this on for me until I got back hahah how sweet!

I saw Ethan's bike in the garage (he's 6 years old) and apparently the max is 50kg so luckily I just made it so I rode it! It's actually pretty fun and they got it for 17 dollars at Target because there was a system stuff up but they gave it anyway! COOL!