Monday, January 31, 2011


I spent 6 hours playing with Ethan seeing as I did nothing all day. Boy, was I exhausted! And for some reason, for a little boy who is freshly 5 he's over having afternoon naps which means no rest for poor Deena.

We took the puppies for a walk in the park, Ethan took his scooter, we enjoyed the sunshine and I taught him how to climb the monkey bars.

We took photos on my laptop..

He spammed my photo booth when I went to the shower

When we went back home, Ethan threw a tantrum because he had to go home. WOW, I had never seen anyone so adamant on staying! He didn't want to leave me! He cried for about 30 minutes and locked himself in the bathroom, only letting me come in to try talk to him. Even though he let me in, he wouldn't talk, only cuddled in my lap or faced the wall. I thought it was hilarious, so check this out.

His dad eventually just plucked him into the car and drove him home, where I then got a phone call saying that Ethan wanted to talk to me. I was like, "Oh no.. still wants to play?!"

I answered a "Hello Ethan!"
Where he replied with, "HI DEENA! Would you like to go to the movies with me next week?"
I said, "Yes okay, sure!"
Ethan: "We're going to watch Gulliver's Travels"
He's definitely going to be a demanding man, but I'm proud that he's already trying to pick up the ladies. HAHAHAHA

Afterwards, I went back to my apartment to pick up the few things I've left to find that Mohabs was working. We talked and mucked around for a few hours, I went up to get my stuff and put it in the car, handed my keys over and was about to say goodbye. Mohabs interrupted and said, "Just go, don't say anything"

I pinky promised I'd be back this week. 3 minutes later, I got a text from him asking if I could come back for a hug, a goodbye hug - of course I was going to do that much for a great friend of mine so I hurried back to hug him. I ran back out and texted him a, "It's not a goodbye hug, Mohabs!"

I went to sit in the car and saw my beloved cactus that has stayed with me for a year and knew it was fitting to give under Mohab's care so I grabbed the lovely little thing, popped it on his desk, muttered "You can take care of this for me!" and ran out, when I went into the car I realised I forgot instructions so I texted again ordering, "It doesn't need water, just sunlight! Take care of the cactus because I love it to bits, if you don't - give it back!"

I saw tears in your eyes, Mohabs! Don't be sad!! Even though I'm not living there, I'm still a friend and I still trust you the most in Melbourne! And don't stop making friends with people who live there just because they eventually leave, it's unfair they have to tolerate strict security just because I broke your heart! HAHAHAHAHA :)