Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Camels, my love

A day starts so beautiful with a sunrise, so one with a huge piece of sandstone in front? Well, I'd say it's a gorgeous day.

I then spammed some jumping shots... (note to self, do not try this again with a bad sunburn)

Then the moths spammed my tea and coffee...

Scurried over to Ayer's Rock to complete the 10km base walk. Fortunately, compared to the other two hikes, this was just easy, breezy flat but a longer distance.
Why did no one care to tell me I wore my shirt inside out?

Another wild camel mob!! <3

The base walk was much more lovelier than I expected apart from the FLIES! I WANTED TO MASSACRE THEM ALL!! People who bought a fly net was smart!
I guess this sheila didn't care about the flies...

I certainly did LOL

What? You don't rock surf?!?

Bummed by the stinking hot temperature in the outback

Can you see me? I wanted to note the human vs. rock ratio so you know that this place is gigantic!

What a bogan!

Another photo of ratio visualization.

It was then time to say good bye and start our journey home. We stopped by the Mt. Conner Lookout (people call it Fooluru, as people think it is Uluru (Ayer's Rock) as they drive towards it! I got tricked too on the way here!!)
When do you ever get to see a camel sign!! HAHAHAHA!

Salt lake

Poo covered in desert, I also wanted to point out how beautiful the desert earth was! It's not dirt like how we would expect it to be, it's beautiful iron red sand!

We then stopped for some lunch, we made wraps on a picnic table! And Sam went to go find some witchetty grubs for bush tucker. Due to the wrong season because of the rain, Sam only found one baby one. He chucked it in my hands and was like, "You can eat it!"
My baby one....

Adult size ones when they are in season.. This photo is a cooked one though!

Now, I know many people were eager for the opportunity so instead of freaking out and chickening, I decided to embrace the chance that was handed to me and just do it. God, even a few days later it still grosses me out. I had to eat it alive and fresh out of the dirt. It wiggled in my hand as I tried to grab it so instead I just popped my whole hand over my mouth like a tablet. I felt it squirm in my mouth so I straight away clenched my jaw, crushing the poor grub's fate into the grind of my teeth. It was crunchy and it felt like dirt with a slight ooze in the middle. I kept on grinding continuously. I still can't believe I did it. Ew, eww, ewwwww!
In my teeth... YUCK

After swallowing LOL

Well, I guess I also ate two flies as I was talking and breathed in when they flew in and got trapped in my throat. I couldn't cough it out so I just swallowed. That was pretty gross too!

Witchetty grubs are the larvae to a certain species of moths. For people who know me well, moths are one of my phobias so you can't even begin to understand the psychological damage this has unfolded in me. Hahahahahhaa!

We continued our road tripped and stopped by Stuart Well where there was a camel farm!

There were also dancing galahs, they particularly love grooving to hip hop! HAHA

Tamed dingo

Ball scratching kangaroos


And baby camels that look like llamas

Next to pandas, they are also my favourite. Without doing any deliberate poses or movements, camels make you laugh and feel happy.
Their knees are awkward

Their faces are awkward

Their noses are awkward

Their mouths are awkward

Their humps are awkward..

Everything about them is so awkward that they are adorable!

I have no idea why Sam took a photo of their butt, but its funny hahaha

Racing the Ukraine boys hahaha

Even camels have cheesy pick up grins!


Smoker's teeth

Hahaha they're just so gawky and graceless, its hilarious!

Did you know that camels aren't native to Australia but were imported from the Middle East in early settlement to help with the construction of telegraphs and railways as they can endure heat and are industrious? But when they were no longer needed the government ordered for the cameleers to shoot their camels, but as they were attached to their little cute camels they freed them into the wild. Of course they survived as Australian outback is similar to the conditions of Middle East. In modern days, we actually trade back the camels to the Middle East because the species is extinct over there now and ours has flourished and are of better quality! There's about 1 million in Australia now!
This camel looks like the dude off Law & Order!! HAHAHAHA!!

Agreed? (Jeff Goldblum)

We then got dropped off to the airport where I had a shower and bought a kangaroo purse, and flew back home. Kevin picked us up and as I requested, brought me aloe vera gel. I showered again, and crashed to bed. I was exhausted and sunburned.


vonn said...

hi deena,
im a occasionally reader. im wondering what camera are u using for this post? the colours in the pic turn out reallyy nice!

is it frm a dslr? or actually produce from a point and shoot cam? i really hope is the latter! hahha.im looking ard for cams.