Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I baked a batch of shortbread cookies today. They were the first biscuits I had ever baked and why couldn't I just do the generic chocolate or choc chip? Hahaha, instead I grinded tea leaves and made a green tea bunch and a strawberry cream & honey bunch!

The green tea one ended up looking ugly but still delicious!

The strawberry cream & honey ended up looking pretty but spreaded out way too thin, I still enjoy both though!

Bad thing was that because they're made out of tea leaves I was up all night like this o_o

Good thing was that it kept me awake until 3 am where I had to drive Phillip to the airport for him to go to Japan!

I came home and slept at 7am, but I get to drive his sexy mx5 for a week! I've already planned it - I'm going to rock up to places, and open the door, roll out a red carpet and exit out slowly, swish my hair, take off my sunglasses (if daytime) and pose with a smoldering pout. If only it was my own car!