Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today was a quintessence of culinary prowess for all kitchen phobics. Due to the one year anniversary of my humble abode having relocated to Melbourne, I decided to celebrate the extinguish of my once irrational fear of cooking by overcoming my favourite dish - crispy roast pork. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

For all those who don't know, (understandable because it wasn't really pronounced) I used to never ever EVER cook. Actually, I still don't even know how to make an omelette or sunny sides. But I couldn't handle being in the kitchen if anyone else was there especially with a knife and I never even chopped vegetables preferred doing dishes than helping with the meal preparations.

SO THIS WAS A BIG FEAT! And it tasted beautiful. I even made up my own marinade that smelled so delicious that I didn't scrub the scent from my fingertips with soap until the pork was ready to eat.

Here is the naked pork belly,

My secret marinade,

Marinaded succulence,

The little wish flower that flew into my hands after I put the pork to dry in the sun,

Fresh out of the now aromatic oven,

Cut and ready for serving,

The skin was crunchy, the meat was tender - I call it success despite Kevin's doubt in my expertise!

Later on I had my first shift at the little Greek hub, Baraki where I was taking care of the upstairs bar on my own. I have no idea why they entrusted a first time employee but it was loads of fun. I learned how to make so many cocktails in 5 minutes, and other basic drinks too. I was nervous a couple of times but the customers were lovely and made my night go by fast!

I got 3 dollars tip, which was surprising in this stingy world. I'll admit - I never think of tipping at a bar - anddd a guy's business card hahahahahaa.

Tonight was a Jamaican band but they just put that funky Jamaican twist on modern day music, it was really enjoyable. Last time, I couldn't help tap my feet. This time, I couldn't help move and groove behind the bar. They must've thought I was loony. The Turkish glassy that took care of my stock even took my hand and twirled and dipped me, then made me twirl him around and I called him crazy when he expected me to dip him. I was struggling with two hands!

The only thing I was bothered about the whole night was the baby cockroaches that played hide and seek with me. I just wished they'd just play hide.