Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year


I celebrated with Kevin's family having a gourmet dinner (I feasted on so much Hainanese Chicken and Roast Pork). Kevin's dad even bought a crate of firecrackers before they were illegal in Australia so we lit one of those and the smoke absorbed the entire house! I was choking for 10 minutes hahaha! Apparently they still have 15 years of firecrackers left, WOW!

Kevin also has a bag of illegal Tijuana fireworks.. which he bought from a Chinese grocer!

I had Neapolitan ice-cream for dessert and then just chatted with Kevin while choosing which DVD's to bring home (I left them there accidentally anyway). Kevin's mummy gave me a red envelope, which is way too sweet then I left to go get Chris to the temple. Kevin texted saying his family wasn't going anymore so he joined us as well.

There. Was. So. Many. People. In. One. Local. Temple. It. Was. Crazy!

I actually even ran into a few people even though it's not my area! I had no idea Chinese New Year Festivals was about games and rides too, I found that funny! We went to burn some incense and touch the lion heads for good luck! We watched some terrible, choreographed martial arts that oozed in acting.

There were crickets EVERYWHERE, it freaked me out! It was my phobia world, one jumped on my chest and I thought it was incense and I looked down and it looked at me like >:[ then I frantically jumped around trying to get it off while this lady just smiled at me going, "It's just a cricket!" But she wouldn't help me!

Later when I ran into my friends, another one jumped down my top then down to my legs and I thought my friend dropped her polaroid on me and looked down and saw that evil bug clinging onto my skin. I freaked out, but this 6 year old girl came along with her light up sword, stabbed it, made a predator call like "EEUEAUGUAH!" then stomped on it. She then repeated the stab, call and stomp to all the other crickets on the ground and I said aloud, "I need one of those in my house"

We were held up by ambulance and police cars as there was a stabbing (like any Vietnamese event unfortunately) and then we pretty much went home.

Edit: Crap! I don't even know why I wrote dragon!! I meant lions, thank you Erik!


Erik said...

Psst... They're lions, not dragons.