Friday, February 25, 2011

New York Fillet

Last week's work photo.. haha

Quinton has finally moved to Melbourne so now our music life might be off hiatus, but we're both lazy critters! We went house inspecting then roamed his new university and the city.

Kevin, Chris and I had the Costco New York fillet steak for dinner and wow, the cut of meat makes a huge difference. Supermarkets in Australia should sell better meat cuts! They don't sell the thick, lean steaks - I always thought it was only available at restaurants. But I don't need to go pay $30 for steaks no more! Well, that's if Kevin goes to Costco often because I don't have membership

Disgusting photo I know

I went to work in a long sleeved crop top (in summer) because my arms are peeling like a banana. Same old same old, but this week was the Mr and Miss Asia Grand Finals and wow it had no class compared to the American beauty pageants. Everyone was pretty disgusted in the contestants and their choice of clothes, I think it more suited a competition for the cover of a men's magazine.
Female contestants for Miss Asia.....

For the 'creative wear' category, girls wore sailor suits, police uniforms, army wear, nurses etc. One of the male contestants even wore a mankini and another wore nothing but a fur coat. It was crude and cringe worthy.
The male contestants for Mr. Asia..... Ughuaheuahra

My co-workers and I did find one Eurasian male contestant absolutely jaw dropping! We giggled like school girls.

For intermission there was a terrible singer who covered the new Britney Spears song totally off key and it just seemed like a performance in a karaoke box! She even struck melodramatic poses like back of the hand on forehead! The dance floor just cleared but I found it more entertaining than my usual night of work.

I actually got a $30 tip as well! I actually got another $10 but I told the guy that he's given way too much to me already so his mate just grabs it off my hand and goes, "Okay I'll take it!" haha I didn't mind because I already felt I had been given way too much!

Kevin and I were so exhausted that night so we got McDonald's takeaway and ate it at his while watching music videos.

I'm sorry I've been so pathetic and blunt, this week was rough and exhausting for me.
I hate liars, I hate superficiality and I hate backstabbers, but I guess everyone does!


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