Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I woke up from a really really long sleep due to the pain of my sunburn.

I didn't complain too much before in my previous blogs because I wanted to concentrate on the fantastic scenery and experiences.

But I am so burned to the point that my skin is bubbly and my left shoulder has even cracked and bled a little. I can barely move and its terrible!!

I layer on the aloe vera gel all day! And I had a milk bath at night, like Cleopatra hahaha!

But I felt really sick and nauseous during the day (probably due to heat exposure and exhaustion) so I went back to sleep. Oh and I did use sunscreen!!

So my day was very unproductive haha!
We made chicken pies and nutella balls though! The nutella balls was just an idea we had to use up the pastry but it actually was really delicious!

I also watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl, where Deshna said she is Blair and I am Serena =.=
Then I watched a terrible movie called Twelve starring Chace Crawford and 50 Cent, it was excuse my French, shit.