Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My bamboos are dying due to Phillip's wickedly good looks (I say that to not offend the poor soul, he threw them out with my vacuum's excretions thinking I didn't want them when I moved houses). I'm trying different remedies from Google to attempt saving my beautiful bamboozles.

I went to go host the Fujisaki family around again, but prior to my tour guidance I popped by the little underground City Hatter shop once more and bought me a Luston Fedora made in Czech Republic, I had no idea until after I bought it but it is made out of rabbit (I feel a little deplorable now).

I went up to their hotel room to find that they bought something from a Japanese Homeware store, I proclaimed, "WHY WOULD YOU BUY ANYTHING FROM A JAPANESE HOMEWARE STORE WHEN YOU GUYS HAVE FAMILY AND GO BACK THERE ALL THE TIME? WHAT DID YOU BUY?"

Shingo scooped up this wrapped little package and I'm like oh don't worry about it, its wrapped hahaha! But he told me that it was mine and that's when I was really surprised. I yelled at him saying that they had already done enough and I didn't need anything else - then it clicked. I knew it was a teapot because I had been finding one while Aunty Keiko was looking at tea leaves (if you remember, my old one had been mysteriously incinerated). They are way too sweet!

I took them to Docklands where we enjoyed coffee and for me, a banana milkshake with the freshest calamari that was not stringy or rubber-like! We explored the vast domestic jungle of Costco (only one in Australia so far) and then popped by Crown to eat dinner. It was about this time that I received this on my mobile:

Heya Deena,

Dunno if you've forgotten me or not (I don't blame you If you have) but I'm messaging you today to apologize. As a new years resolution I'm trying to make amends and say sorry to those I've hurt or potentially hurt in the past.

I know the way I left things was pretty much heartless and inhuman. I hope that you'll be able to find some part that can forgive and forget. I'm sorry for being such a dick and mistreating you.

I hope you've been well, take care.

Aidan was a boy - no wait, he was 6 years older than me - so a man who helped me finally get over my first boyfriend. We didn't date, he just helped me study and pass my medicine entrance exam but we knew we had liked each other. We hung out, months passed.

- He changed his number
- Left town
- Got a new girl
- Deleted me off everything

Leaving me nothing but curiosity, I didn't find out til months later what he was up to through his friends who had heard a little. My mum pestered me for months thinking I pushed him away as she liked him (she loves doctors). She made me call his number in front of her and I only ever reached a nonexistent line. Yay!

Yeah, it hurt. So my reply to his 2 year absence?

Why are you telling me 20 months later?