Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello ello ello!! Sorry, I was in the mood to start off like that!

Well my closest family friends from Brisbane flew down in the afternoon so for the next 3 days, it is my kind duty to show them around my magnificent town. As it was already getting late, it was a short day so we started off briskly.

A nice stroll down Federation Square and Bourke street sounded fitting. Afterwards, my Japanese friends wanted to eat at an Izakaya as in Brisbane we are deprived of one (any entrepreneurs out there should look into that, because if I was rich I would hop on the band wagon - it would definitely be a huge hit!)

We ate at Izakaya Chuji on the corner of Russell & Lonsdale. IT WAS DELICIOUS! My favourite dish, 'gyutanshioyaki' (beef tongue salt yaki) was scrumptiliumpcious! Our tongues yearned for more so we ordered the 'gyutan butter yaki' (beef tongue butter yaki) and tried that one out! Our eyes bulged as the creamy texture hit our taste buds. I love food.

I also went to a HUMONGOUS Asian supermarket quickly to go buy mirin (Japanese cooking wine with less alcohol content, used for teriyaki and such) for some home cooking. It was a lovely quick evening. My mum gave me 4 bottles of vitamins through them =.= I swear I wouldn't have to eat food anymore with the amount of mineral/vitamin bottles I own (when I packed I had a whole box dedicated to just tablets).

Intense Shaggy Dog Cake

The Fujisaki family gave me a Swarovski necklace for my belated birthday, marshmallows from sydney and a teddy bear handkerchief hahaha! SO CUTE!