Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cooking Show

Friend's goldfish dog LOL

Yesterday, seeing as I had no one to cook for - Chris and I decided to smoosh up a dish together using scraps from the fridge. He took care of the rice and I took care of the topping.

We made a Portuguese influenced Chili Chicken with Asian influenced Stir Fry on garlic rice. I have no idea what I was doing. I even chucked in a slice of butter at the end of my frying just because I felt like it.

Chris was drawn to the garlic so he put in 3 cloves, diced, into the rice. The hilarious thing was, all throughout our cooking process we acted like we were on a cooking show as we just watched Jaime Oliver and wanted to see how hard it really was.

It was quite hard, I had a lot of "uhhh..." "umm..." and moments where my cooking "show" was extremely quiet, too quiet for an entertainment segment. Obviously, I would fail as a host.

Chris would just alternate from a pinoy accent to a down right ocker accent which was both terrible to listen to.

We made nutella wontons for dessert. Dinner was surprisingly delicious and I wished I had cooked for other people haha!

Oh look guys, my sunburned skin is peeling. HAHAHAH was that a good segue after talking about food? *evil laughter*